Neopost Foofwa believes more in human than in aesthetics. It believes in hard-work, study, research and discipline mixed with distance, playfulness, humour and love.

Compagnie Neopost Foofwa was created around the intuition there are beautiful new things (Neo-) to be created after and with the past (-post).

It defends respectful salaries for dancers and collaborators. It considers each one of its decision as political. The company is for sharing and against copyrights.

It believes that research, pedagogy and cultural mediation as intimately linked to the supreme act of creation.

It loves to collaborate with well-known and less known artists from all sort of artistic practices.

The company has created and produced dozens of works for the stage, atypical spaces, outdoors public spaces and video.

It has explored the notions of self-solos, digital movement for the body, philosophy and history in the flesh.

It has developed new forms of performances such as: ‘Danceruns’, ‘Choreographic One-man-shows’, ‘Dancewalks’ and ‘Dansongs’.

Neopost Foofwa is supported by the City of Geneva, the State of Geneva and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Art Council, numerous Foundations, partners and organisations since 2002.