Dancewalk - Glarus-Skt-Gallen


Dancing 85 kilometers in 5 days through Glarus, St-Gallen and Appenzell


September 22nd to 26th


Leg 2 of ‘Dancewalk - Am Rand’


Dancewalk – Glarus-Skt-Gallen 2020

Every two years, TanzPlan Ost showcases a cross-section of current trends in contemporary dance on stages in Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, drawing connections to topics of relevance in cultural policies. This year‘s version is focused on the subject of the periphery, letting the margins take center stage (see below ** for more information).

To realistically connect periphery and center by dancing, TanzPlan Ost invited Foofwa d‘Imobilité and Neopost Foofwa to DANCEWALK about 100 kilometers through parts of Eastern Switzerland.

Together with TanzPlan Ost, Foofwa developed “Dancewalk – Am Rand” (in English: Dancewalk – On the Edge, see below * for further information), consisting of a large Dancewalk project in three parts and a dozen of traveling performances.

Its second leg, “Dancewalk – Glarus-Skt-Gallen”, from September 22nd to 26th, is a 85 kilometer dance in 5 days by Neopost Foofwa’s performers Alizée, Alex and Foofwa from Glarus to St-Gall, through Ricken, St-Peterzell and Herisau.

The occasion to interview locals about their relationship to periphery, center and land, in parallel to the dancing transmitted live every day.


“Dancewalk – Am Rand”

September, October, November 2020

A dozen of Dancewalks in Eastern Switzerland on the subject of the periphery, letting periphery take center stage

A collaboration between Neopost Foofwa and TanzPlan Ost

The first leg, “Dancewalk – Klöntal” is a 16 kilometer performance from Klöntal to Glarus of Neopost Foofwa’s Alizée, Alex and Foofwa together with TanzPlan Ost dozen of artists on Sunday September 20th. The occasion for Neopost Foofwa to ask each choreographer to share hir work with others and the outdoor, and see if the recycling and transforming enriches everybody.

The third part consists of a series of local Dancewalks lead by TanzPlan Ost’s ambassadors linking a company to their region. The occasion to let others take on the concept of the Dancewalk and organize themselves a traveling performance in their area.


TanzPlan Ost’s theme in 2020: Periphery as a Place for Radical Openness

The relationship between periphery and center is a complex one, filled with tension and conflict, characterized by unbalanced power dynamics. Often, the power pertains to a small group in the center, with the majority being left forgotten in the margins. Professional dancers are not exempt from this. Large centers receive much larger portions of the culture budget than peripheral regions. Current challenges – be it the corona crisis, refugee policies, or global warming – bring to light how marginalized people are neither considered nor consolidated during crucial decisions. According to this definition, being in the periphery means being oppressed and without any power. Author and activist Bell Hooks, however, views the periphery as a place for radical openness. Only by having the perspective of being marginalized can we think of radical alternatives and imagine a new world. The edge feeds our ability to resist and outshines the apparent glitz and glam of the center.



Day 1: Dancing 18,5 kilometers from Ennenda to Bilten

Part of the 2020 edition of TanzPlan Ost – Periphery as a Place for Radical Openness

Program details (place & time of departure, meeting points, arrival)


Day 2: Dancing 20,6 kilometers from Bilten to Ricken

Part of the 2020 edition of TanzPlan Ost – Periphery as a Place for Radical Openness

Program details (place & time of departure, meeting points, arrival)



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Concept, direction and choreographic framework: Foofwa d’Imobilité

Collaboration and organisation: TanzPlan Ost’s Simone Truong and Linda Zobrist

Performance and collaborative dialogue: Alizée Sourbé, Alex Landa Aguirreche, Foofwa d’Imobilité

Camerawoman: Anna Liesch

Videojournalism: Morena Barra

Neopost Foofwa and the GLocal Project (2018-2020) receives joint support from the City of Geneva,  the Republic and Canton of Geneva, and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council

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