Dancewalk – Екатеринбург 2019

A one-hour performance dancewalking every inch of the city park where about 2,000 people have protested against a plan to build a church.

From May 13, the protests took on an intense nature, which have led to the arrest of over 70 people, including some minors. The city’s deputy mayor, Ekaterina Kuzemka, promised to conduct a population survey to decide on the project’s continuation. President Putin himself suggested hearing the citizens of Yekaterinburg about the need to build the new cathedral. Finally, the poll showed that 58% of people from Yekaterinburg did not want St Catherine’s Cathedral in the park. The plan has been abandoned (for now at least).

Alizée Sourbé and Foofwa d’Imobilité will dance there with local people, musicians, comedians, artists, in order to celebrate through dance and art a victory of democracy in order to save public space and stand up to powerful interests.



Yelt'sin Center
Ekaterinbourg, Russie heure à confirmer

Photos / Videos

Andrijbulba de Slovakia

Andrijbulba de Slovakia

Getty images

Getty images


Concept et cadre chorégraphique: Foofwa d’Imobilité

Collaboration: Natalia Sannikova

Dancewalkeur-euse: Foofwa d’Imobilité, Alizée Sourbé

Musiciens et comédien-nes locales (noms à confirmer)

Production: Neopost Foofwa

Soutien financier: Pro Helvetia Moscow

Neopost Foofwa et le projet GLocal bénéficient du soutien conjoint de la Ville de Genève, de la République et canton de Genève et de Pro Helvetia – fondation suisse pour l’art

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