30 Déc 2010

Foofwa d’Imobilité
Pina Jackson in Mercemoriam

Le Temps
«Fils d’une danseuse étoile, le chorégraphe et danseur genevois revisite l’histoire de la danse dans des spectacles brillants et parfois farceurs.»

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> Interview – «Pour dire la vérité, le corps doit être impudique»
> Video – «LaLibertéGuidantNosCorps»

21 Oct 2010

Godard mis en abyme
Au Contraire

«L’œuvre sincère et complexe d’un chorégraphe qui s’interroge sur son époque et sur son art avec ce parfum de produit non achevé qui envoûte.»

21 Sep 2010

Reflections on Foofwa d’Imobilité
The Making of Spectacles

WhatsonSA Magazine (Capetown, South Africa)
«In his communication with the audience and one on one (in my brief interactions with him), he comes across as very open and unguarded, a quality which is extremely rare, specially from a ground breaking artist. I see Foofwa as a fearless innovator of dance and am grateful to have experienced these performances live.»
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15 Sep 2010

Taking Chances/Making Choices
The Making of Spectacles

JOMBA! KHULUMA, South Africa
«The 2010 JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience has been a festival of collaborations. Foofwa d’ Imobilite’s The Making of Spectacles was a different and exciting collaboration with the audience in the selective creation of the dance-piece, influenced by Merce Cunningham’s ‘chance’ theory, using a democratic voting system rather than flipping a coin.
What appealed to me is the way in which Foofwa and his dancers Ruth Childs, Anja Schmidt and Filibert Tologo played with the concept of choices. (…) Beautiful, bravely risky, yet classically choreographic and strongly political that’s The Making of Spectacles.»
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27 Août 2010

Foofwa and the making of spectacles
The Making of Spectacles

Mercury, Good Life (Durban, South Africa)
«I love the festivity in humour. We can be laughing together and it’s a celebration of life. It is a good way of looking at life.»

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