9 Aug 2010

Youtubing Michael Pina & Merce

Myoutubing-mpmade August 4-7 2010 during Foofwa’s residency at Mount Tremper Arts, « Youtubing Michael Pina & Merce » is a new trial video on legacy and life after death. It is the first trial of a project using material found on youtube and other internet sites with Michael Jackson, PIna Bausch and Merce Cunningham, and with that material, then creating a new kind of dialogue between the three of them.
> Watch the video « Youtubing Michael Pina & Merce »

29 Jul 2010

Merce talks about Foofwa

mondayswithmerceIn several excerpts from interviews in the MwM Film Library, Merce both reminisces, and inspires anew! In addition, see marvelous rare film of Merce Cunningham teaching class in Chicago in 1961, and dynamic, never before seen footage of Merce teaching Advanced Technique Class almost 50 years later. MCDC dancers Jennifer Goggans, Andrea Weber, and Foofwa d’Imobillite look back on learning from Merce…
> Watch the video  » The Cunningham Challenge: Doing the Impossible »

27 Jul 2010

Photos of « Au Contraire »

gallery2_27A new creation commissioned to Foofwa d’Imobilité, Au Contraire (an inspiration from the universe of Jean-Luc Godard), was premiered with success at the Festival d’Avignon (19-25 July 2010). Photos of the show are now on the site – see the Au Contraire page.

13 Jul 2010

Premiere of « Au Contraire »

gallery2_6Au Contraire (after Jean-Luc Godard), a new creation commissioned to Foofwa d’Imobilité, will be presented from July 19-21 & 23-25 (18h) at the Festival d’Avignon.
> info & tickets at festival-avignon.com

12 Jul 2010

« Merce-Art Forever! » video installations

maf_amsterdam_vidpicSee how the « Merce-Art Forever! » videos were installed at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam (8-11 June 2010).
(Photos/video of the installation with visitors and the complete videos are on the « Merce Art Forever! » page).

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