The muscles dance


a dance


of the muscles


Muscliloque 2003

A muscular soliloquy

“Muscliloque” is an excerpt of the show “The Show” created in 2001 in collaboration with the choreographer ch’ti Thomas Lebrun.

The muscles dance a dance of the muscles along the lines of muscular expressionism to enter into a muscular soliloquy. A monologue of the body on the dancer’s body, the dancing body, the only subject-object of a work of art that is conscious of being.

An exposure exposed live on your theater stage or in your museum hall, available in English, French, German, Italian and / or Spanish.

Photos / Videos

Muscliloque on “Tar pour Bar” TSR TV


Quelques questions à Foofwa d'Imobilité sur Le Show

Rencontres Chorégraphiques Int. de Seine-Saint-Denis
«Nous aimons rire de nous-mêmes dans la vie, tous les jours. Il était naturel pour nous de continuer cela sur scène.»

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Solo taken from “The Show” and developed in phases throughout the opportunities for presentation.
Interpreted by Foofwa dit Mobilité
Production Neopost Foofwa
Duration 6 à 15 min
Neopost Foofwa is supported by The City of Geneva, The State and Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia.

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