END 2022

At the end of 2021, the Neopost Foofwa company was looking forward to 2022 and the two following years. PARTENART 2022-24, a new three-year regional support agreement, was being signed with the City of Geneva and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, linked by an artistic partnership with a Swiss programming structure. For the years to come, beautiful tours and projects announced creative and durable partnerships in Switzerland and elsewhere.

But in early 2022, an internal conflict shook the company. Foofwa d’Imobilité, Neopost’s artistic director and dancer-choreographer, was unable to work for several months and was therefore unable to provide the necessary energy to allow the company to fulfill its commitments: all tours and creations for the year 2022 had to be cancelled – see CANCELLATIONS.

This situation has been accompanied by rumors and stigmatization, complicating relations with professionals and the public and compromising the future of the Company. Under these circumstances, Foofwa and the committee of the Association Cie Neopost Foofwa have decided, by mutual agreement and with regret, to cease the activity of the company and to dissolve the association.

In these last months of 2022, Foofwa leads an ARCHIVAL ‘s work of two decades of polymorphous, crazy, innovative and committed neopostist projects. Simultaneously, he participates with PAS DE CÔTÉ in the exhibition Open End 2 under the intimate shadow of the maternal tomb.