Dancewalk - Ultra Valais

Dancewalk – Ultra Valais Jour 10

Posted 9 Jul 2019

More than 200 km of dance

By the evening of October 6, Foofwa will certainly have covered 215 kilometres or more. Even if the meaning of dancing more than 200 kilometres in 10 days remains subject to interpretation, it is quite possible that this performance is a unique phenomenon.

8:30 Departure from the Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey: Dancewalk in French-Provençal

12:00 Performance on the pont d’Illarsaz near the ‘Illarsaz, Village’ bus stop, then lunch break in dialect

13:15 In the direction of Port-Valais: Dancewalk in arpitan dialect

14:45 Meeting at the Vouvry Station for the last kilometers

17:30 Le Bouveret: End of the Dancewalk at Rhône-Delta (from the banks facing Sagrave SA) and boat transport to La Tour-de-Peilz

18:30 Closing party at La Becque Résidence d’artistes in La Tour-de-Peilz

Deposit of the Rhone Glacier Stone signed by all Participants

Audiovisual installation by EDHEA students summarizing these ten days of Dancewalk – Ultra Valais