Dancewalk - Ultra Valais

Walliserditsch apprendre 

Walliserdeutsch is the only German dialect to have largely preserved the diversity of declination and conjugation of the old German language.

9:00 Meeting at the station of Reckingen-Gluringen: Reckingen > Mühlebach: Ilona Grand, dancer from the region, makes the words, expressions, and songs of the Haute-Valais waltz for us

13:00 Meeting at the station of Fürgangen-TalstationFürgangen-Talstation: A performance worthy of Trisha Brown’s on the Mühlebach suspension bridge, then lunch break while waiting for the Matterhorn Gotthard Train

14:45 Meeting at the station of Fürgangen-TalstationFürgangen-Talstation > Bitsch: Low-cost musical on board the train, with the amateur dance company Konzäpt

15:30 Meeting at the station of BitschBitsch > World Nature Forum in Naters (16:30) > Brig: Dancers and locals join the Dancewalk – Ultra Valais to the sound of Ephraim Salzmann’s drum

16:30 Meeting at the World Nature Forum in Naters: Naters > Brigue – Local dancers and people join the Dancewalk

18:00 Arrival at the Zeughaus Kultur Zentrum for its season opening