Dancewalk – Les Chemins du Faire Corps

A participatory project where the walk becomes a dance, where the dance moves on through towns and stations and on trains to the French-Swiss border, where participants from both countries become one in a playful and joyful togetherness. The Dancewalk – Les Chemins du Faire Corps reaffirms the solidarity and friendship between the inhabitants on both sides of the border, despite the existence of this administrative separation. This project brings together five groups of inhabitants of the French and Swiss cross-border territories. Supervised by a choreographic artist, each group creates its own route in one of the municipalities along the route, by dancing and walking. The meeting with the Neopost Foofwa company takes place near the stations and the dance continues on a train on the Biel-Delle-Belfort railway line. The project brings together amateurs, regional choreographers and dancers from the Neopost Foofwa company.
• France side in Belfort with Angela Vanoni & in partnership with les Musées et la Citadelle de Belfort
—> Departure from the main courtyard of the Citadelle de Belfort at 11am
—> Handover from Mr Vauban to the Dancewalkers group
—> Meeting of the group with the company Neopost Foofwa at 12.10 pm at the junction between the Faubourg de France & Avenue Wilson to the square in front of Belfort Ville station
—> Board the TER train towards Meroux at 12:48
—> Change of train in Meroux station, crossing the 4 meters of the platform
—> Train terminates in Delle at 13:20 – group dance/walk from the station to the terrain de foot of  Boncourt, by crossing the French-Swiss border!
• Swiss side in Biel with Giuliano Guerrini
—> Departure at 9am (place of departure to be announced)
—> Meeting with the company Neopost Foofwa at 10am at Pilier de l’amour
In Moutier with Fanny Krähenbühl
—> Departure from Moutier at 10am (place of departure to be announced)
—> Meeting with the company Neopost Foofwa at 11.10 am at the sheep field / ramps adjacent to the gare de Moutier
In Delémont with Annette De Pover
—> Departure from Delémont at 10:30 am (place of departure to be announced)
—> Meeting with the company Neopost Foofwa at 11.50 am at the place de jeux de la promenade Iris de Rotens
—> Boarding the train towards Porrentruy at 11:38
In Porrentruy with Amadou Dieng
—> Departure from Porrentruy at 11:45 am (place of departure to be announced)
—> Meeting with the company Neopost Foofwa at 12.55 pm in the courtyard of the collège Stockmar
—> Train to Boncourt at 13:21
In Boncourt
—> Train terminus at 13:35 – group dance/walk from the station to the terrain de foot for the Franco-Swiss reunion!
FOLLOW THE DANCEWALK LIVE: link available soon


This project is organised within the framework of the TDC Meetings which will take place in Belfort on 18, 19 and 20 November 2021. For more information click here. It also benefits from the financial support of the Fonds de coopération culturelle Belfort/Jura and the “Été culturelle” programme of the DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comté. This event also coincides with the inauguration of the Théâtre du Jura (TDJ) at Delémont (CH)
Concept and direction // Foofwa d’Imobilité
Collaboration // Dominique Martinoli, Lucien Ammar-Arino, Armelle Cuenat, Angélique Pichon, Géraldine Bouvry
Dance // Alex Landa Aguirreche / Sophie Ammann / Foofwa d’Imobilité / Ivan Larson / Pauline Raineri / Alizée Sourbé
Music // Wilson Mateus, Julien Domanski // (terrain de foot frontalier): Fast Forward pour la création 2003 de Neopost Foofwa ‘Distance.Dancerun.2’
Video // Jean-François Veuve, Pascal Bortot, Stéphane Jaworski et Clément Chané
Relay artists // Annette De Pover, Fanny Krähenbühl, Amadou Dieng, Giuliano Guerrini, Angela Vanoni
Amateur //  Elizabeth Queloz, Tanja Douvé, Catherine Theurillat, Marie-Angélique Mertenat, Sophie Légeret, Miryam Costantino, Nadine Graber, Annegret Bieri, Giuliano Guerrini, Aurelio Guerrini, Alba Guerrini, Neva Guerrini, Bastien Milani, Martin Brugnera, Nicole Heimann, Fiona Carroll, Elisabeth Heinzmann, Augustine Corfu, Alyna Seiler, Lucine Plumey, Séverine Rotunno, Justine Boéchat, Elisabeth Borruat, Marie Wenger, Carole Haeni, Heidi Billon-Bruyat, Mamadou Thioune, Magalie Briquez, Anne-Catherine Colette, Blandine Conchy, Claire Dravigney, Catherine Foliot, Cécile Haimart, Dominique Heidet, Axel Jacomme, Marie-Laure Lenoir, Martine Maffly, Mélodie Maffly, Perol Mankolo, Tania Neves, Sylvette Pape, Corinne Redersdorff, Olivier Skler, Laure Valentin, Sandrine Waldner et Florent Wong
Production // Neopost Foofwa
Production Partners // Évidanse, Viadanse – Centre Chorégraphique National de Belfort, Association Interjurassienne des Centres Culturels, Théâtre du Jura, (in progress)
Partners // SBB, SNCF
Support // Pro Helvetia, Corodis, Fonds de coopération Jura-Belfort


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09 Oct 2021
Dancewalk – Les Chemins du Faire Corps
CH 9h // FR 11h