Halo de Fraîcheur


Entouré de danseureuses virevoltant 
Un jardin ambulant traîne dans les rues et boulevards de Genève
Afin de transformer les îlots de chaleur du climat urbain
En halo de fraîcheur de joie d’être-ensemble
An artivist act conceived by Foofwa d’Imobilité, danced by and co-created with Alizée Sourbé and Alex Landa Aguirreche, in conjunction with the launch of the Climat Urbain initiative. Each dancer alternates between pulling a 7 meter long train made of nature, earth, vegetables, fruits, moss, & flowers in interaction with people; some may help themselves to fruits & vegetables at the bottom of the train. This creation, made of recycled materials, is realized in collaboration with Les pieds verts, Pascual Perracini, horticulturist and permaculturist by trade for 50 years & Monica huber as well as volunteers interested in the project.
“Trees instead of asphalt!
Let’s shape the future of mobility in our cities together! We want to convert a part of the public space into green spaces with many trees to prevent the inhabitants from suffering too much from heat islands. Pedestrians and cyclists as well as public transport should also be given more space – for the sake of our environment! This is why we are planning the Urban Climate Initiatives. In Geneva, the collection will start in spring 2021, as in Winterthur, Bern and Zurich. In St. Gallen, the initiative has already been submitted and in Basel it is being collected. “The association actif-trafiC
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Costumes récupérés de la pièce « /Utile: Redonner Corps » réalisés par Aline Courvoisier 
Production // Neopost Foofwa, Les pieds verts, Actif trafiC
Merci // Chacun son Paradis, la poste, Mirelle, les vieilles bâches du coin de la rue, les couvertures de piscine de Monsieur Deri, les volontaires.