GLocal 2018-2020


The GLocal project is articulated around the notions of being-here and being-elsewhere in our globalised world. How should we think about such notions as home or outside, native or foreigner, citizen or stateless person, traveller, tourist, migrant or refugee? How should we look at borders, differences, and the growing wealth gap as 21st-century-globalised-beings? Where does the here and the elsewhere necessarily become a question for us, as 21st-century-globalised-beings?

The preoccupations of the triennial company project “GLocal” are embodied in two artistic projects : Dancewalk and DANSONgS, as well in the production of a film: Dyade.

Foofwa d’Imobilité sees himself as a rather open person, generous in his relationships to others. Yet he embodies the very paradigm of the white, straight, rich, European male.

Not only was he born Frédéric Gafner within a society with continuing patriarchal reflexes, living in Switzerland and so necessarily among the wealthiest population on the planet, with colonial blood running in his veins (his father was a pied noir born in Morocco, his mother was from the third generation of Portuguese born in Brazil); but also, he is from a continent – Europe – which has perpetrated some of the worst atrocities in the history of this planet, enslaving, pillaging and slaughtering other populations the world over.

To go elsewhere with such a genetic and historical heritage is therefore not a trivial act.

With this in mind, is it possible to encounter others in a more conscious, responsible, and more humble manner?

It is about creating and touring while moving away as much as possible from the cultural sediments of our European neocolonialism and xenophobia.

With these questions, Neopost Foofwa seeks to encourage collaborations with the communities of Geneva from a diaspora background.

With these questions, Neopost Foofwa wishes to tour in a more social and political manner, developing more ethical relationships with its partners throughout the world.

With these questions comes the company’s wish to think up and develop tour strategies and encounters with collaborators, here and elsewhere, over periods of time that are long enough to allow the artistic projects to be nourished in depth by these exchanges through a process of permeability.

GLocal (2018-2020), ethics in local and global dance projects
Project presentation and Première
30 et 31 mai 2018
Centre des arts de l’Ecole internationale – Genève

Neopost Foofwa and GLocal (2018-2020) receive joint support from the City of Geneva, the Republic and Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Arts Council