Mains Rouges – Artivist Opus


The Red Hands
Against Profit
For Movement
And Life
On the sidelines of the Climate Strike Demonstration on October 22, 2021, we will DANCE with our HANDS IN RED in support of the activists who put a hand in washable red paint on the signs of Credit Suisse. We will dance AGAINST decisions that put financial interests before climate justice, and FOR the movement of life.
Text of the Demonstration:
After a summer marked by a multiplication of extreme weather events, making the climate emergency ever more dramatic, in the absence of credible responses, and before the governmental conference on climate (COP 26, in November in Glasgow), let’s take to the streets and demand an immediate and socially just ecological transition!
The longer we wait, the greater the destruction will be!
Heat records, giant fires, raging rivers, droughts, hurricanes and floods: the climate system is running amok and the consequences are everywhere. And everywhere the most vulnerable populations are suffering the consequences of the unconscious lifestyle of the richest.
 Today, governments and companies are multiplying promises of zero emissions for the distant future.
But in reality their solutions are problems.
Huge investments, unlimited growth, waste of natural resources: after two centuries of liberalism and industrial revolution, this system has largely demonstrated its inability to think in the long term. Yet governments and companies are following the same logic when they propose chimerical technologies such as carbon capture, and when they bet on pollution permits that shift the burden of effort onto poor countries. Depletion is before our eyes and people are yearning for a profound change.
Getting out of fossil finance: let’s finance a just transition!
Our governments must take strong action against the fossil fuel sector, against the industries that transport and trade in them, and against the institutions that finance them.
Let’s stop the fire! Climate and life before profit! “


Direction // Foofwa d’Imobilité
Dance // Ivan Larson, Pauline Raineri, Foofwa d’Imobilité
Music //  Mateus Wilson, Seedgie
Production // Neopost Foofwa
In dialogue & Partnership with Climate strike, actif-trafiC, collectif BreakFree


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22 Oct 2021
Dancewalk – Artiviste
16h - 17h30 Place Lise Girardin - 22 Cantons > Place des Nations 18h30-20h Place des Nations

In connection with the climate strike