an unique


and strange


choreographic world






The dance of “Humanimality”

Incidences combines the quest for primitive, primal, animalistic and raw gestures with the know-how, the dance education and skills of seasoned dancers. This mixture produces a unique and strange choreographic world with no limitations in style and approaches, superimposed on the undescribable images and sounds of multimedia artist Alan Sondheim. The whole dance material is also subject to chance laws and games, to decision and power takings that determine, for each performance, the fate of the piece. This complex quintett, not denied of humor, happily combines nature and culture, and might be therefore called a “humanimal” dance. It could answer the question: “what would be a “Rite of Spring” in our technological 21st century?”


Incidences excerpts


Questionings Foofwa d’Imobilité
Playings Tamara Bacci, Frédéric Gafner, Maud Liardon, Anja Schmidt, Filibert Tologo
Complexifyings Alan Sondheim
Requestionings Antoine Lengo
Illuminings Rinaldo Del Boca
Clothings Corina Pia
Wrappings Neopost Foofwa
Duration 77 minutes
Thank you to Gilles Jobin/Parano productions, Perceuse Productions, Marc Gaillard, Fondation Fluxum et Nicolas Musin
Neopost Foofwa is supported by The City of Geneva, The State and Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia.

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