Kilometrix is a danced run or a raced dance – a hybrid performance between dance and running. It is part of a series of research on the similarities between dance and sport.

Foofwa takes a tour through your city, asking you to see it in a new way.
He engages in a long-distance, athletic and jovial choreography, and invites spectators to follow the performance, and get moving in an environmentally friendly way: on foot, by bike, or on rollerblades.

Foofwa covers from five to fifteen kilometers, cracks jokes, performs feats of extraordinary physicality, and engages the audience, passing drivers in their cars, pedestrians, etc. with wit and charm.

The performance is filmed by Pascal Dupoy (on rollerblades), and at the end of the “dancerun” a second performance takes place – the showing and discussion of the newly-made video.


Kilometrix.dancerun.4 excerpts

Paris, Lyon, Bologna and Zurich

Genève (2010)

Potenza (2009)

Cairo (2008)

Bologna (2007)

Zurich (2007)

Lyon (2004)

Paris (2004)

Kilometrix.dancerun.4 full versions:

Geneva, Switzerland – 2010

Potenza, Italy – 2009

Cairo, Egypt – 2008

Zürich, Switzerland – 2007

Bologna, Italy – 2007

Fribourg, Switzerland – 2006

Paris, France – 2004

Lyon, France – 2004

Kilometrix.dancerun.4 on TV

Foofwa in Fribourg on the Swiss TV show Illico (en français):

Foofwa in Paris on the British TV show Daytrippers (in English):


Geographic choreography of several kilometers

Concept and choreography: Foofwa d’Imobilité
Dancerunner: Foofwa dit Mobilité
Camera on roller: Pascal Dupoy
Making of the costume: Marie Barone

Thank yous: Nelly Vial, Antoine Lengo, Pascal Magnin, Séni, Perrine Ploneis