A solitary duet by Foofwa d’Imobilité lit by Jonathan O’Hear. With Merce Cunningham – as well as John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg – in mind and body.

The word “musing” presupposes several semantic directions. As a name, it offers the following connotations: “daydreaming”, “meditation”, “reflection”, “introspection,” and “study,” as in “literary study”, “musical study or “painting study”.

I wish the tone of Musings to be an hommage, in order to share my admiration of Merce’s work, to “pay my respects.” But to think about Merce’s work implies John Cage of course, and to some extent Robert Rauschenberg. These three artists all passed away and are tagged as the three of the most important collaborators for the theater of the second half of the XXth century. I like to think of them as the three princes of Serendip, the princes of the unexpected discoveries.

However, I wanted the piece to be vivifying rather than dismal. It is, above all, a reflection on their work and my purpose was to evoke some of their pieces by adding a variation which could renew their radical ideas, ever so slightly. So this becomes not quotation but a creative and living legacy in some ways.

> Conceptual libretto for Musings



Musings re Merce, John and Bob
Méditations théâtrales sur Merce Cunningham par Foofwa d’Imobilité créées en 2009 *
Possibilité de donner le titre Travail d’art à la chorégraphie; Cage a cappella à la musique; J’aurai la peau de Rauschenberg au costume scénographique
Duo solitaire interprété par  Foofwa dit Mobilité
Projet lumineux Jonathan O’Hear (merci à Florian Bach)
Production Neopost Foofwa
Avec le soutien de Madame Annette Ringier
Remerciements Anne Davier, Jonathan O’Hear, Yann Aubert, Nathalie Ponlot, Anja Schmidt, Vincent Barras, Antoine Lengo, Ruth Childs, Noémi Alberganti, Geneviève Chable
* Premières représentations à la salle des Eaux-Vives, Genève, programmé par l’Association pour la danse contemporaine.
Neopost Foofwa bénéficie d’un soutien conjoint de la Ville de Genève, de la République et Canton de Genève et de Pro Helvetia.

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