Dyade 2018

Dyade is a film shot by a drone on Lake Geneva. In the middle of wealthy Switzerland, a small solitary boat is lost on the water. On this drifting vessel sit two human beings, a man and a woman, a white woman and a black man. Among other things, they represent the troubling, unsettling bodies that white European patriarchal mentality, in its sexism and racism, has admired and desired while denying their reality, rights and humanity. There is also a reference to the following paradox: for centuries, Europe has forced humans to migrate towards slavery and yet it now prevaricates when it cornes to helping contemporary migrants and refugees.

Based on this premise, the metaphorical potential is enormous and remains open to interpretation: the relationship human beings have with water, drifting, insecurity, balance, imbalance, travel, migration, falling, diving, making the boat move using only one’s body, drowning, power relationships, master and slave relationships. The boat, the water, the sky, the clouds, the mountains, and even the drone become characters that interact with each other kinetically and cinematically.

Photos / Videos

photo: Claude Gafner


concept and direction Foofwa d’Imobilité

performers Alizée Sourbé, Filbert Tologo

direction and editing Nicolas Wagnières

chief operator drone Nicolas Mesple

drone pilot Cyril Neri

costumes Aline Courvoisier

sound Thierry Simonot

calibration Damien Molineaux

sound engineer Charles Menger

consultant Claude Jordan

administration / communication Sylvia Jagdeep

diffusion / production Patricia Buchet

production Neopost Foofwa

coproduction Association pour la Danse Contemporaine – Genève, Centre des arts de l’Ecole Internationale de Genève

supports Loterie Romande

thanks Claude Gafner, Claire Burgy, Jacques Demierre, Alan Sondheim, Pascal Villa-Vieille, Anu-Maaria Calamnius-Puhakka et Antti Puhakka, Nicholas Hanmer, Société de Sauvetage de Rolle, C-Side Productions SA, Dépôt Box Services SA, Studio Vostock

Dyade is part of the ‘Projet GLocal (2018—2020) – ethics in local and global dance projects’  

Neopost Foofwa (Projet GLocal 2018-2020) receives joint support from the City of Geneva,  the Republic and Canton of Geneva, and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council

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