Women’s bodies in the city // We won’t give up!A silent performance to claim the right of women to have their freedom in the city, against harassment and sexism in the public space. One woman each month at 6pm,  plain of Plainpalais. Every 14th of the month until June 14, 2022.
In partnership and suported by “Objective zero sexism in the public space.”  City of Geneva – Agenda 21
“Honestly, I don’t know of a single neighborhood in Geneva where there is a kind of parity in the occupation of the public domain. […] I don’t think there’s any neighborhood where you can say, with your eyes closed, I’m safe.” (Expert). “It’s always constant in my head that in fact, physical or sexual assault can happen.” (Expert)
Thanks to the survey conducted by Marylène Lieber, we realize to what extent the city is a place where women are still not free, where their bodies are still constrained by fear. How can we inscribe today this feminist fight for women’s bodily integrity in the public space through an artistic and political research/performance? June 14, 2019 was a “historic event” in the history of feminism in Switzerland, according to historian Dominique Dirlewanger. 28 years to the day after the historic strike of 1991, the women’s strike brought together gathered huge crowds throughout Switzerland, with events in all four corners of the country. all over the country. Among the demands, the three areas that were already important in 1991, equal pay, the sharing of domestic work and the bodily integrity of women and the bodily integrity of women, are also found in 2019 and 2021.


Concept // Caroline de Cornière & Alizée Sourbé
Performer // 14.07 Caroline De Cornière / 14.08 Alizée Sourbé / 14.09 Rosangela Gramoni / 14.10 Fabienne Abramovich / 14.11 Anaïs Potenza / 14.12 Elinor Radeff / 14.01 Irédé Eve Oduntan / 14.02 Laetitia Gex / 14.03 Karine Humbert-droz
Photographer // Rebecca Bowring
Assistant // Laetitia Gex
Scenography // Nadine & Jean-Luc Grandin
Costume // Aline Courvoisier
Text // Genève, une ville égalitaire ?
Production  // Neopost Foofwa
Consultant // Anne-Claire Adet, Marylène Lieber & Université de Genève