At once process-piece, performance and living exhibition, FAVNE is a quest: has the earth that buried Mallarmé’s, Debussy’s and Nijinsky’s Faune been contaminated? A choreographic extraction with a feminist, ecologist and postmodernist probe seems to be necessary.
FAVNE is a movement. In search of our ‘humanimality’. Searching for the physical link between onanism and onirism. Inspiring again creativity to embody the vital force. Liberating the desire to express it fully. Seeking the origin to find the original.
FAVNE is a declaration of love. Let our fetishes become joyful games! Let’s go through flesh to enjoy the world!
FAVNE is a manifesto. Democratize the roles! Let everyone imagine themselves as a faun! Let everyone become a nymph! Let everyone become a musical and dancing reed!



Direction: Foofwa d’Imobilité
Performance: Alex Landa Aguirreche, Foofwa d’Imobilité, Alizée Sourbé
Visual creation: Jeanne Tara
Costumes designed by Jeanne Tara and realised by Julie Delieutraz
Lighting design: Laurent Schaer, in collaboration with Charlotte Curchod
Music: CDJ Vu, with the assistance of Thierry Simonot
Book creation FAUNème: Milena Farioli
Production: Neopost Foofwa
Support: City of Geneva, Canton and Republic of Geneva, Pro Helvetia, Swiss Dance Days 2021/22, Open Look Festival Saint-Petersburg, Chacun*e son paradis – Espace d’art Genève, Fête de la Musique Genève, OVNI – Centre culturel Fribourg, Association Danse Neuchâtel, Centre de culture ABC – La Chaux-de-fonds, Théâtre Benno Besson
Geneva version (Chacun.e son paradis) June 2021: Alizée Sourbé, Alex Landa Aguirreche and Foofwa d’Imobilité – dance; Anouck Genthon – violin; Irédé Eve Oduntan – hosting and collaboration.
Saint Petersburg version (New Alexandrinsky Theater) August 2021: Alizée, Alex and Foofwa – dance; Veronika Tikhonova – local guest dancer; Oxana Grigoryeva – local guest percussionist; Ana Dragić – guest dramaturgist.
Version Fribourg (OVNI) November 2021: Foofwa solo; Milena Farioli – book creation FAUNème & January 2022: duo version Alex and Foofwa; costume creation Jeanne Tara and Julie Delieutraz
Basel version (Swiss Dance Days) February 2022: Alex and Foofwa – dance; Johanna Sofia Heusser – local guest dancer