to compose


a unique performance

The Making of Spectacles


In this piece, the audience is invited to collaborate with the artistic team in order to compose a unique performance.

The elements presented ie. dance phrases, dramatic scenarios, music, lighting design, and costuming are carefully crafted in advance and offered as tools to the spectators for the creation of a dance to their taste. After playful, democratic voting, where humor is invited, the spectators can enjoy the synthesis of their group decisions. The piece becomes a way to look at the psychology of spectator expectations, aesthetic desires, and participation in the making of a work of art, as well as an essay in desacralizing the grandeur of the spectacle.


The Making of Spectacles excerpt


Credits for the Creation of TMOS (2008)
Concept and choreographies Foofwa d’Imobilité
Creative interpretations Ruth Childs, Foofwa dit Mobilité, Isabelle Rigat, Filibert Tologo
Music CDJ Vu
Costumes Corina Pia
Lights Marc Gaillard
Responsible for gestation Anja Schmidt
Sound Clive Jenkins
Technicians Julien Talpin, Alex Gerenton
Photographer Cédric Vincensini
Production Neopost Foofwa
Administration & coordination Tutu Production, Véronique Maréchal, Simone Toendury
Organisation info Association pour la Danse Contemporaine, direction Claude Ratzé
Supported by Loterie Romande & Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Credits for Tours (2008-2009)
Choreographic evolution Foofwa d’Imobilité
Creative re-interpretations Ruth Childs, Foofwa dit Mobilité, Isabelle Rigat, Filibert Tologo (for the South African tour 2010, Anja Schmidt will replace Isabelle Rigat)
Re-animation of costumes Corina Pia
Lighting genius Jonathan O’Hear
Technical direction Jonathan O’Hear
Production Neopost Foofwa
Organization& coordination on tour Tutu Production, Simone Toendury (until Aug 2008), Yann Aubert (from Sep 2008)
Administration Tutu Production, Véronique Maréchal (until Dec 2008), Yann Aubert (from Jan 2009)
Accountant Corine Magnenat (from Jan 2009)
Supported by La Corodis-Fonds , la Loterie Romande
Thanks to Antoine Lengo, Perrine Ploneis, Olivia Ortega, Odile Ferrard, Louise Hanmer, Pauline Wassermann, Nicolas Wagnières, Cédric Vincensini, Blandine, Michaël, Steve, Amador, Toufo, Mélanie, Bertrand, Ed Childs, Léonard, Simone Toendury, Richard Kaboré, Beatriz Consuelo, Claude Gafner, Samuel Machina (Théâtre de Vidy), Anne Davier, Marie-Pierre Genecand
Neopost Foofwa is supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss foundation for culture, The City of Geneva – Departement of Cultural Affairs, and The State of Geneva – Department of Public Instruction

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