the peculiarities of the space


the public


the subject on stage



Quai du Sujet


Solitude publicommune

How to highlight the peculiarities of the space shared by the public and the subject on stage? How to reveal the metaphorical potential of this venue? How to respond to the timing of this delightful unexpected encounter between audience and performer?
How to show all of that? Also, how to make a show of it? But also, how to make a spectacular demonstration?

Quai de Sujet attempts to answer these questions in a fun, inventive, spontaneous burst of generosity and sharing.



Concept, videos, etc Foofwa d’Imobilité, avec l’aide de Sir Constance
Light Jonathan O’Hear
Music CDJ Vu
Duration 20 minutes
Neopost Foofwa is supported by The City of Geneva, The State and Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia.

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