Learn to conciliate oppositions


to reconcile the implacable

Au Contraire


(After Jean-Luc Godard)

Under the influence of Jean-Luc Godard, this play of dance was developed in the style of shooting a movie by using certain characteristic elements of cinema being made.

The theme of this “choreography in shooting” is the meeting: possible and impossible meetings between persons and states, desired and undesired meetings between opposites, meetings between arts and manners…

Learn to conciliate oppositions, to reconcile the implacable…

We work on uncultivated (neglected) fields, where the codes of representations can be questioned without putting the transgression in the center of the debate.

At our level, we activate the desire to abolish the frontiers.

Let us set the sweetness of relations against the violence of separations!



Tournée 2014 – 55 min
Avec: Manon Andersen (Magdalena), Foofwa Dit Mobilité (Gabriel), Yann Aubert (Le conteur-comptable), Brice Catherin (Israël-Palestine), Nathalie Ponlot (La Script), Jonathan O’Hear (Mister Dosiris)
Lumière et Scénographie Jonathan O’Hear
Son Antoine Lengo
Régie son Brice Catherin
Médiation musicale Charlemagne Palestine, Israël Quellet
Costumes Coco Charnel
Construction du décor Martin Rautenstrauch
Production Neopost Foofwa
Coproduction Théâtre du Grütli – Genève, SACD/Festival d’Avignon
Soutien La Loterie Romande
Remerciements Annie Suquet du Boucher, Régine Chopinot, Vincent Baudriller, Clémence Bouzitat, Michèle Pralong, Maya Boesch
Neopost Foofwa is supported by the Ville de Genève, the République et canton de Genève and Pro Helvetia.
Re-creation 2011 – new version – 50 minutes
Au Contraire (After Jean-Luc Godard)
medium-length scenic film of Foofwa d’Imobilité in dialogue with Antoine Lengo, created in 2010 for the Sujets à Vif, coproduction SACD/Festival d’Avignon
With Manon Andersen (Magdalena), Foofwa Dit Mobilité (Gabriel), Yann Aubert (Le conteur-comptable), Nieth Leang-Srey, Antoine Lengo, Jonathan O’Hear
Script, choreography and cinematic development Foofwa  d’Imobilité, Antoine Lengo
Sound Antoine Lengo
Light Jonathan O’Hear
Costumes Coco Charnel
Musical mediation Charlemagne Palestine, Israël Quellet
Producer Neopost Foofwa
Co-producers Grü/Théâtre du Grütli. SACD/Festival d’Avignon
Sponsors Loterie Romande
Neopost Foofwa is supported by the Ville de Genève, the République et canton de Genève and Pro Helvetia.
Version 2010 – Avignon – 30 minutes
Au Contraire
(After Jean-Luc Godard)
 Commissioned to   Foofwa d’Imobilité
 A creation of  Foofwa d’Imobilité
 Disputation  Antoine Lengo
 Reputation  Foofwa d’Imobilité
 Computation  Yann Aubert
 Exhortation  Manon Andersen
 Customisation  Corina Pia pour Coco Charnel
 Mediation  Charlemagne Palestine/Israel Quellet
 Vocalisation  François Chatelet, Michel Foucault, Michel Serres, J.L. Godard, Maguerite Duras, Étienne Gilson, Roland Barthes, Oswaldo Aranha, Henri Bergson, animaux…
 Production  Neopost Foofwa, SACD/Festival d’Avignon
Neopost Foofwa  is supported by The City of Geneva, The State and Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia.

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